Due to the frequent questioning of required credentials needed for employment in Local 130 jurisdiction, below a list and links so members can investigate and acquire what is needed.

New Orleans City License: Class D Journeyman (http://www.nola.gov/onestop/business/electrical-mechanical/class-d-journeyman-electrical-license/ )

New Orleans City License: Class E Helper (http://www.nola.gov/onestop/business/electrical-mechanical/class-e-electrical-helper-license/ ) 5 year duration for anyone who has never had a license.

COE- Code of Excellence- Local unions provide this IBEW training.

TWIC CARD – Transportation Workers Identification Card (https://www.tsa.gov/for-industry/twic )

OSHA-10 – (https://www.osha.gov/ ) This training can be acquired through the New Orleans Electrical Safety Education Plan (NOESEP) located on the second floor of Local 130.  Call 504- 831-0200 for appointments.

Huen VA contractor: Will accept OSHA-10 from online service REDVECTOR.  (https://www.redvector.com/osha-10)

First-aid / CPRNOESEP provides this training in addition to OSHA-10.

Waterford III- The requirements at this current time are: OSHA-10, FIRST-AID / CPR, and a COMPLETED NUCLEAR MECHANIC PROCESS FORM, this form is completed at the hall. The NANTEL training will be given on site until further notice.

I-9 IDENTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS- (http://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/form/i-9.pdf )

CLEAN CARD: Is a Clean Drug testing card on file at our Health and Welfare office that is updated annual and supplied to contractors when referrals are issued. Site specific testing is issued by the project contractors and is not part of our program.

Powersafe Entergy Fossils Specific and Powersafe Generation Training and TWIC is required for Entergy fossils fuel plants. http://www.powersafetraining.org/  The local office that provides training is GNOIC (https://gnoiec.com/contactus.php ) Plants: 9-mile, Little Gypsy, Michoud, Paterson.

Please note: Day & Zimmerman is currently providing our members online Powersafe training courses. The credentials needed to access them are:  ID - dzpowersafe and the PW - safety. The courses required by Entergy are Powersafe Generation  12PSGENP or 12PSGENPR for the refresher and 12ENTFO or 12ENTFOR for the refresher. Get the registration directions here: How To Access PowerSafe Training.