Why Join IBEW and Local 130?

Today’s wages are not keeping up with the rising costs of living and workers are having to work harder to achieve a modest standard of living. Retirement benefits available to workers are declining, if they are provided at all, and employees are taking on more of the costs of health care.

A union Journeyman of IBEW Local 130 is trained and skilled and is eligible to receive a great wage and outstanding benefits.

Great Pay!

The Journeyman wage scale starts at $26.15 for maintenance positions and is as high as $31.65 on many jobs within Local 130 jurisdiction.

Great Benefits!

Working members of IBEW Local 130 receive single or family health insurance coverage that is 100% employer funded.

Working members of IBEW Local 130 can earn up to four retirement benefit plans. At retirement age, members are eligible to receive pensions from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Electrical Benefit Fund. Local 130 members are also eligible to receive retirement benefits with New Orleans Electrical Pension and Annuity Plans.

Many Job Opportunities!

Employment opportunities are available with over fifty contractors in the commercial, industrial and residential field.

Advancement Opportunities!

Education classes are available for Steward and Foreman training.