About Local 130

Our Mission

To afford all who work in our industry a better quality of life through representation and membership in the IBEW.
To achieve the ability to set the terms and conditions of employment in our industry for a better standard of living and safer workplaces for all involved.
To establish our union, through membership and involvement, as an essential component to our community economically, politically, and socially.
To enable the IBEW to continue to play a positive and stabilizing role in our industry for the benefit of its membership, participants, customers, and community at large.
To promote positive relationships throughout our industry exemplified by our Labor-Management Cooperation.



Ernest “Corky” Cortez


Kenneth Bauer

Recording Secretary:

William “Billy” Buckel


Sean Mauberret

Business Manager/Financial Secretary:

Paul Zulli

Executive Board:

Rodney Wallis-Chairman of the Board

Thomas Chestnut, Julius Gray, Jeffrey Johnson, Otto Munch,

Examining Board:

Frank Accardo, Carlos Antoine, Keith Black, John Navarre, Brian Torzewski

Asst. Business Agents:

Billy Buckel – Dispatcher

Otto Munch – Facilities Manager

Rodney Wallis – Organizer