Updating the Way We Do Business

Brothers and Sisters,

Local 130 is updating the way we do business. Please be patient while we work out the kinks in our referral system, along with a few we created along the way. The International Office has introduced new software to conduct our business, which includes a new referral system. It has been installed, and we are currently in the testing phase before it goes into operation and is fully implemented. The referral hall is now open all day, as long as there are jobs on the books. We are available for referrals, resigns, sign-ins or supplying information.

The referral system isn’t the only upgrade we are making. Our FB page has 5,000 friends, mainly IBEW members, and can be viewed by anyone. Smart phones, laptops and i-Pads have become the tools of the future, so we are also transforming the Referral Waiting Area into a resource and information center. We are currently installing a computer, scanner/fax/printer and webcam to assist our members in completing on line applications for credentials needed locally or on the road. Members can also print maps or documents at will. Further, we are utilizing the wi-fi system to include online searches. We have designated a wall for work opportunities from sister locals who are in need of workers.

Also, as a convenience to our members, Billy Buckel will begin accepting emails for resigns at If you are currently using the fax system please continue to do so, because it is still the best way to send forms. If you are wondering whether you have been updated, please contact Billy and he will confirm. We are human and we do make mistakes so a quick check does not hurt.

We are open to all suggestions and will work hard to improve the way we do business at Local 130. New Orleans is recognized for its fun, food and hospitality all over the world. Local 130 wants to extend that hospitality to all of our traveling brothers and sisters. Our wages may not be the highest now, but stay awhile – the work is good and the people are better.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call the hall at (504) 831-1372. Thank you.