Critical Illness & Accidental Coverage- Cornerstone Benefits Management


Open Enrollment ends on July 13th for the new voluntary Accident & Critical Illness w/ Cancer Insurance plans being offered through Cornerstone Benefits Management; our coverage goes into effect on August 1st, 2018. Every Member was sent an enrollment packet with all the information. During the open enrollment, Members are pre-approved and cannot be declined coverage—no medical exams or questions.

Call Cornerstone with questions or to enroll at 224-770-5305 or enroll online: .  Cornerstone has an impeccable reputation within labor communities and continues to respect the privacy of every IBEW Member.

Here’s some additional information:

For IBEW Local 130 Members currently paying union dues but working in an unrelated job/field— you can enroll in the group Accident & Critical Illness coverages administered by Cornerstone Benefits Management, when you enroll by July 13th, 2018.

Out Of Work or Laid Off:  You must be actively working to enroll.  Once enrolled, you can keep your Accident & Critical Illness coverages when you’re in between contracts, out of work or laid off.  Keep paying your Union Dues and Accident & Critical Illness premiums, and you can keep your coverage forever…it’s that simple!

Age For Kids:  All unmarried children 26 and under are covered on your “Family Accident Plan” regardless of whether they’re in college, living at home or already working.  They’re ALL covered!  Children with special needs can be covered past the age of 26….and if you live in Louisiana and have grandchildren in your legal custody—they can be covered too.

Frequency of Critical Illness Events:  You can only be paid once every 6 months for a Critical Illness event.  However, for cancer there must be a 12 month treatment free period.

Retiring Or Leaving The Union:  You can keep these coverages forever by porting them to an individual policy at the same rates.

Smoking/ Tobacco Users:  To qualify for the lower non-smoker Critical Illness rates you must be 12 months tobacco-free. If 12 months tobacco-free after enrolling in coverage, you can change to the lower non-smoker rates at that time.

100% Voluntary:  You can choose both of the Accident & Critical Illness coverage, one of these coverages or none of these coverages.


Thank you, Paul Zulli Business Manager